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LED Floodlight - New Slimline - 10w - 12v- Green

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Product details

This is our new slimline style flood light

It is our low voltage version and can be used in landscaping in your garden for uplighting trees. Highlighting sculptures, washing walls

To run on 230v requires an LED DC power supply.

LED powered floodlights saves hundreds of dollars in electricity,
pays for itself within a few years

You are able leave it on all night

Reliable - don't have to worry about security issue.


10w High power chips - We use the highest quality LED chips and drivers

IP65 - Weatherproof

Voltage - 12v.  (We do have one more piece that is 12-24v)
             (we sell power supplies to run these on)

Colours available - Green (Also available in Warm White)

Dimensions 130mm x 110mm x 40mm

Cable length - 350mm

All metal casing
bracket included
glass front
low heat - will not trigger sensor
no bulb to burn out - lasts for decades
low current draw means can have a smaller cable run to it and can be a very long way from switchboard

These can NOT be run off your existing outdoor garden AC wire wound transformer it will damage the light.  It must be an LED DC Power supply.  ******

Need brighter?  See 30w


                12v - Great for using in the garden for uplighting of trees and landscape - to run these units requires a 12vDC constant voltage power supply. These can not be run off your exsiting outdoor garden AC wire wound transformer it will damage the light.

to run 1pc - Metal Case 12v 1.67A Power Supply 20w

     for 2pc - Metal case 12v 2.5A power supply 30w

     for 3pc or 4pc -Metal case 12v 5A power supply 60w