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Flood Light 30w (new style)

CODE: 30w flood

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Product details

Choose voltage and colour above

30w High power

IP65 - Weatherproof

Replaces in Warm White - 250W Halogen flood.

Wide beam- 140 degree beam

Now available in Green to highlight trees.

Dimensions 222 x 189 x 61mm

IR Remote comes with RGB model only(it is used to control the colours)



Voltage - 230v -  Ready to attach to the outside wall for security lighting, light up a back deck, carpark, signs, lighting up a garage or shed.


                12v - Great for using in the garden for uplighting of trees and landscape - to run these units requires a 12vDC constant voltage power supply. These can not be run off your exsiting outdoor garden AC wire wound transformer it will damage the light.

to run 1pc - Metal case 12v 5A power supply 60w

     for 2pc - Metal case 12v 8.3A power supply 100w

     for 3pc - Metal case 12v 12.5A power supply 150w


             24v - Great when you have a long distance from where the transformer is located to the lights such as in a long driveway.


To run 1pc - Metal case 24v 2.5A power supply 60w

      for 2pc - Metal case 24v 4.17A power supply 100w

      for 3pc - Metal case 24v 6.25A 150w power supply



Need brighter?  See New style - Slimline Flood Light 50w 230v