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Rigid Recessed Diffuser


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This recessed aluminium profile is a NEW introduction to the ever increasing range of LED mounting profiles. Features of the new mounting profile include narrow width and shallow recessed mounting depth.

Featuring a clean architectural look with an aluminium profile and opal PMMA diffuser. The diffuser is the plastic that clips over the top to cut down on the glare of the LEDs.


**You need to purchase strip separately to go inside this channel, it is not included. See our 5m flexible strips. Recommend Level 5 strip**


This profile can be used in long linear lines for straight edge lighting. 90% of the time this is used under kitchens cabinets but has other uses such as in display shelves, under stair banister. It requires the cabinet maker to router a groove.

To maintain the life and high efficiency of the LEDs the LED Strips should be mounted directly onto a heat conducting surface to dissipate heat. We only recommend aluminium to dissipate the heat.

LEDs produce very little heat compared to traditional lighting, but the heat produced needs to be managed, or the LEDs may overheat and be damaged with loss of light output



Cut out Depth - 5mm

Cutout width-18mm

Overall width -24mm

Length: 2m (subject to availability)

These come in set lengths only.  They can be cut shorter via a hacksaw or drop saw.  

(Sorry we do not cut them down for you)

If an installation requires longer lengths simply butt the aluminium housing together up to the required length. Installation is designed to be as simple as possible. Glue the aluminium profile in place or use double sided tape so that it is completely flush mount

Will fit non-waterproof flexible LED strip (can not use any high power strip in this profile)

Available in FROSTED diffuser cover

We do sell a sample piece of this profile to help get the cut out right - $4

Diffuser is not to be placed over any waterproof strip. These will overheat.