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Surface Mount - U -Channel Profile & Diffuser


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Product details

This aluminium profile with diffuser is a surface mount unit.  This is best when you already have your cabinets installed and can not use the recessed profile.


Aluminium LED profile can be used with Non waterproof 5m flexible strips or Rigid strip 1000mm *White* 17w . The LED strip or power supply is not included with this listing.


LED Profiles protect the LED strip while also acting as a heat sink to help maintain the LED life. It also gives the LED strip a more professional touch and helps to cut down on the glare


This comes with the aluminium profile in a u-shaped channel and the frosted diffuser for use with non waterproof LED strip.

The diffuser is the frosted plastic that goes over the top to cut down on glare (Except 2.5m which has clear cover only)

Indoor use only


Length: (select above). They can be cut down using a hacksaw.

Dimensions: End caps: 22mm wide x 18mm High (need to have room for these dimensions as this makes the channel

                                                                         slightly wider)

                  Aluminium Channel: 18mm wide x 15mm High (without end caps on)




Diffuser can't be placed over waterproof strip this will overheat the LEDs.  Use non waterproof strip if you are using a diffuser.


For customers who require longer lengths than listed, simply butt the aluminium profile up to each other to the required length. Installation is designed to be as simple as possible and comes with mounting clips.  Alternatively using double sided tape to instal the aluminium profile.


*Please note, the aluminium profile does not include the LED Strip Light or the power supply. These are sold separately*