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Level 7: 2.5m - HIGH POWER - Warm White - 5630 60/m

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We are the only ones in NZ with this!


PLEASE NOTE: This is for a 2.5m roll not a 5m roll



Latest high power LEDs, 3x brighter than previous model This is the brightest strip available.

This product requires a heat sink and  MUST be attached to an aluminium surface or it WILL overheat. Minimum width of aluminium is 30mmIt can not be any other type of material.

To maintain the life and high efficiency of the LEDs the LED Strips must be mounted directly onto a heat conducting surface to dissipate heat.

LEDs don't produce much heat compared to traditional lighting, but the heat produced needs to be managed, or the LEDs may overheat and be damaged with loss of light output.

We recommend aluminium Diffuser & Profile to dissipate the heat.



This REEL IS 2.5m

Long service life up to 50,000 hours
Flexible and durable strip


Voltage: 12V DC

Led Power - 40w per 2.5m

Suggested power supply: Metal case 12v 5A power supply 60w (this is for a 2.5m length)

LEDs: 150 x 5630 Samsung LEDs

Lumens: 50Lm per chip = 7500Lm per 2.5m

Colour: Warm White

A power supply is required for this item. 


This is not for use on a BOAT, CAR or AUTOMOTIVE use