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12v Regulator - 12-30v input

CODE: 12v Reg

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Need a stable and safe 12v power supply on your car / boat / truck / bike / solar?
Many modern electrical devices require 12v power. But when the engine is running, the power provided can be 13.8-15.2v. Also, the alternator can send surges through the system. This damages sensitive electronics like LED lights, sat nav, tv, and other devices that specify 12v instead of 12-15v.
This little device will accept any input voltage from 12 to 30v, and output a stable 12v with a peak current of 5A.
It is suitable for items requiring 0-3A on a constant basis, or other items which may use up to 5A for short periods (under 30 seconds)
It comes with a cigarette plug for the input (can be removed if you prefer to hard-wire) and a standard 5.5x2.5mm DC plug for the output (also removable)
Regulator is NOT waterproof.
It can happily run most 12v devices on a trucks 24v system, even when charging.
Suitable for car, truck, boat, bike, solar etc.

This is a very hard to get item, we had it custom made for our purposes. There is no other product out there like it.

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