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RGB - 5050 - 30 LED/m Waterproof - Cut to Length

CODE: ANY-60-50-N

Price: $59.00

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Product details

Choose your length starting at 1m up to a 5m. 

Use this lisiting when you are after a shorter length of RGB then our 5m rolls.  This listing does not come with free RGB

controller you need to purchase this seperately.




A color changing LED strip light system that smoothly transitions through a range of colours in a constant, softly flowing manner, or set to one colour with adjustable speed and brightness for unique custom colour lighting effects.

This is great for use in kitchens, bathrooms, back decks, cove lighting, outdoor signage, on stairs

Brand new super bright 5050 LEDs.

Choose length above
Low power consumption.
Long service life up to 50,000 hours.
Flexible and durable strip.
Suitable for internal use.

Color: RGB

Voltage: 12V DC.

LEDs: 30 led/m

*For cut to length you will have to purchase an RGB controller seperately. See RGB Controllers

*Also requires a power supply (Sold seperately)

You can cut the strip shorter if it is too long.

If you need the wires longer, see required products link above.


We also sell 4-core cable  RGB cable (4 core colored) per metre , connectors,  RGB splitter cables and solderless clamp

RGB 4 pin connector and clamp to go with this strip (found under RGB accessories)


To maintain the life and high efficiency of the LEDs the LED Strips should be mounted directly onto a heat conducting surface to dissipate heat.

LEDs don't produce much heat compared to traditional lighting, but the heat produced needs to be managed, or the LEDs may overheat and be damaged with loss of light output.

We recommend aluminium Profile to dissipate the heat. Do not place a diffuser over waterproof strip only install the LED strip onto the aluminium profile with out a diffuser on top


This is not for Boat, Car or automotive use