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12v Waterproof Stainless Switch with LED

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This 12vDC waterproof stainless push switch features an illuminated LED ring.

Simply drill a 16mm hole into any material up to 10mm thick and you can fit this switch in place, there's even a rubber gasket to keep any water out of the enclosure.

On the front of the switch the push button is a slightly raised metal actuator, surrounded by an LED ring.

On the back of the switch there are 3 contacts for the button (common, normally-open and normally-closed) and 2 for the LED ring (+ and -).


The switch and LED are separated, so you can wire the LED to turn on when pressed on or vice versa.



Latching type, push it—on, push it again — off

LED Colour: White only left

voltage: 12V DC

Contact Configuration:1NO1NC

Flat head button

Button diameter: 10mm

head diameter: 19mm



switch can be used for cars, boats moltorhomes, or any where that needs only a 12v switch