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Azure Rigid Light Bar 500mm - Blue 8.6w - 12v


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Product details

This is a strip that is encased in aluminium and is then sealed with silicon over the top making it a sturdy, waterproof strip. This strip is using 8.6w of High Brightness LEDS so is extremely bright.

This strip is great for applications where a need for waterproofing is needed such as on boats, bathrooms, kitchens, outside on landscape, on motorhomes, lighting up business signage


This is the 500mm 12v version.  Also available in 1m - Azure Rigid Light Bar 1m - 17.3w - Blue - 12v



Light Colour: BLUE

Voltage: 12V DC (also available in 24v -Azure Rigid Light Bar - 500mm - Blue 8.6w - 24V)

Current: 800mA

Watts: 8.6w (equivalent to 43w halogen)

Number of bulbs: 36 x High Brightness -SMD LEDs

Wire length: 600mm

Width: 18mm

Length: 500mm

Depth: 10mm

IP68 Waterproof. All electronics encased in silicon

These are a rugged well made unit.

***Not to be submersed underwater***

These can not be joined together.  They are completely sealed at both ends.  Recommend protecting the single wires from any corrosion by placing heatshrink around the wires.

Recommend attaching with either double sided tape, clips or cable ties

To run off 230v requires a constant voltage power supply. Metal Case 12v 1.67A Power Supply 20w