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Hallway/ Boat / Stair / Bathroom Deck light - V3

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Product details

These are our deck lights designed to be placed into decks, down stairwells, hallways, in bathrooms, shelves or as night light

These are the thinest type of light we have.  Great for fitting into wall cavities


Weatherproof IP67

0.5w (A step up from our V2 in brightness)


Colour: White

If you want the colour changing see Boat / Stair / garden / deck light - V3 - RGB

Frosted Glass (so they do not cause any glare important when being used as an uplight)

Max weight 100kg

Diameter: 58mm

Cutout: 51mm

Depth: 9mm

Shape: Round

Body Material: Stainless Steel

Finish: Polished Steel


This light comes with 1 wire attached to the light with a waterproof connection on each.  Each wire is approx. 1m in length.  This light needs to be attached via the Deck light wiring loom or Waterproof Junction box or using Waterproof Tee with the Deck light cable extension. (The waterproof connection will only match our accessories)



- boat, motor-home, garden, deck, path, stairs, entrances, home theatre, bathrooms, hallways,


Power supply to run the lights

Up to 56 pieces  Metal case 12v 3.3A power supply 40w


These are not to be installed into concrete

The best advice is to draw a diagram of where you want the deck lights to be located. This way you can calculate the distances between lights  so you can decide which extension cables, wiring looms, T-junctions you will need. You also need to account for where the power supply is going to be located and the distance to the first deck light.