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Half Round Deck Light for Boat / Stair / Garden / House

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Product details

Weatherproof IP65


Available colours: Warm white, Pure white and Cool White

Used to light up stairs both outdoors and indoors, hallways, pathways, as a night light, retaining walls

Diameter: 35mm

Cutout: 24mm

Depth: 31mm

Shape: Round

Body Material: Aluminium

This deck light comes with 1 wire attached to the light  which is 1m long with a waterproof connection on the end. This can then attached to a Deck light wiring loom  or a Waterproof Tee and used with 1m, 2w or 3m Deck light cable extensions.



- boat, motor-home, garden, deck, path, stairs, entrance, driveway, home theatre



12v DC (To run on 230v you need a power supply).  You can not use your old wire wound garden AC transformer with these lights.

Outdoor Power supply for Deck lights - 3w (for up to 5 pieces) - Comes with a 3 pin plug

Outdoor power supply for Deck lights - 8w (for up to 12 pieces) - Comes with a 3 pin plug

Metal case 12v 2.5A power supply 30w (for up to 50 pieces) - NO 3 pin plug - designed to be hard wired by electrician


We also sell wiring looms, t - joins, junction boxes and extension cable for easy install

Deck light wiring loom

Deck light cable extension - 1m, 2m or 3m

Waterproof Junction

Waterproof Tee


Can also add a Photocell to automatically turn on the lights at night and turn off during the day.

White and Warm white are usually kept in stock.  Colours and large quantities need to be ordered (approx. 2- 3 week lead time)


We also have this new version available in the half round design Boat / Stair / garden / deck light - HR2


The best advice is to draw a diagram of where you want the deck lights to be located. This way you can calculate the distances between lights  so you can decide which extension cables, wiring looms, T-junctions you will need. You also need to account for where the power supply is going to be located and the distance to the first deck light.

If the color & quantity you require is not in stock, you can pre-order here (minimums apply). Ordered items will not be at clearance price.