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Boat / Stair / garden / deck light / Bathroom- V1

CODE: Deck - v1

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Product details

These are our deck lights designed to be placed into decks.

Weatherproof IP67

0.3w  (the next step up is Boat / Stair / garden / deck light - V2)


Available colours: Warm White


Frosted front, so can be used for uplighting on a deck, front of stairs or in walls (see tab building ideas under garden for how this will look)

Max weight 100kg

Diameter: 30mm

Cutout: 25mm

Depth: 20mm

Shape: Round

Body Material: Stainless Steel

Finish: Polished Steel

This light comes with 2 wires attached to the light with a waterproof connection on each.  Each wire is approx. 480mm long and can attach to another deck light or to an extension cable.


- boat, motor-home, garden, deck, path, stairs, entrance, driveways, retaining walls, Home theatre

- Hallways (used as a night light)

- Bathroom



12v DC (add a power supply to run on 230v see below). These lights can not  be run off your existing outdoor wire wound AC transformer. You will require a 12vDC power supply

Outdoor Power supply for Deck lights - 3w (for up to 7 pieces)

Outdoor power supply for Deck lights - 8w (for up to 15 pieces)



These are not to be installed into concrete

The best advice is to draw a diagram of where you want the deck lights to be located. This way you can calculate the distances between lights  so you can decide which extension cables, wiring looms, T-junctions you will need. You also need to account for where the power supply is going to be located and the distance to the first deck light.