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4w MR16 12v - Choose colour


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Product details

Bulb type: MR16

Power: 4w (replaces 30w bulb)

Will it work with your transformer? See our transformer guide here or get free transformers

Choose colour tone:
                     Cool white (brightest - replaces 30w)
                     Natural white (between cool and warm, most popular. Replaces 25w)
                     Warm white (yellowish like halogen, replaces 20w)

                    (See third picture above for colour comparison)

Non dimmable bulb

Size: 48mm (MR16)

Voltage: 12v AC or DC

These bulbs have a narrow 30 deg beam. 

Only for use on electronic transformer. Must not be run on a wire wound transformer.  We sell LED constant voltage drivers for these if the one you have is not compatible

LED Driver - constant voltage 12v


Non dimmable


Do you need to replace your MR16 lampholder - MR16 - Lamp holder (long)



Bulb selection guide here

These are intended for indoors use only, not to be used outdoors or in a sealed fitting, or a fitting with a heat can.   ie with glass over the front, or a fitting that is covered with insulation.  These bulbs require air circulation