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Level 2: WARM WHITE - 3528 - 60 LED/m - waterproof - Mood

CODE: WW-60-35-W

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Product details

This 5m strip is the perfect fixture for those in need of a low light strip installation. It's ideal for installations and projects that require a touch of subtle lighting.It is for use internally in wet areas such as bathrooms, kitchens or laundry.

Strip comes with a 3M adhesive tape backing that's easy to mount on virtually any flat smooth surface (never plastic). Please make sure the surface is flat, clean and dry!


This strip is able to be placed into aluminium channel but can not be covered with a diffuser as this will make the LEDs overheatUse the non waterproof strip if you want a diffuser.

This roll also requires a power supply.  Recommended power supply Metal case 12v 2.5A power supply 30w

Dimming can be done via LED Dimmer - remote controlled

This strip is cuttable every 50mm on cut lines

For info re 5m rolls, click here



To maintain the life and high efficiency of the LEDs the LED Strips should be mounted directly onto a heat conducting surface to dissipate heat.

We only recommend aluminium to dissipate the heat.

LEDs produce very little heat compared to traditional lighting, but the heat produced needs to be managed, or the LEDs may overheat and be damaged with loss of light output.


Warranty: 1yr for waterproof strip when used in conjunction with power supplies with matching voltage offered by LED World.


Technical specifications      
LEDs: 300x 3528
Max. luminous intensity: 1700lm (for Warm White)
Viewing angle: 120° Color temperature: 3200K
Supply voltage: 12V DC
Emitting color: Warm white
Forward current (typ): 1A
Dimensions (L x B x H): 5000mm x 8mm x 2.2mm
Actual Measured wattage:
12W Dimmable: Yes via PWM
Operating temperature range: -20°C ~ 40°C CRI: >80Ra
Storage temperature: -40°C ~ 40°C waterproof rating: