Common Questions about Livolo Touch Switches:


1. Is there a four, five or six gang?

A: For four gang, there is only a switch (no remote, 2 way or dimmer). The size is also a little different, it's a few mm shorter and a few mm wider, so it might look odd right next to another switch. If you need 6 switches, we recommend 2 lots of 3 gang side by side.

2. Is there an intermediate switch?

A: Livolo use digital data to relay information between switches. Additional 2 way switches can be added in parallel, no special 'intermediate' switch is required.

3. How is Livolo Touch Switch easier to wire?

A: Existing switches use 'mechs'. A four gang switch for example, uses 4 mechs. These mechs need a live feed to each one.  This adds work for the electrician. Livolo switches have no 'mechs', it's all done on the circuit board, saving the electrician time.

For 2 way wiring, the current method requires running a 230v, 3 core wire from one switch to another. This special cable is more expensive than regular lighting cable.  Livolo 2 way switches dont physically send power to the other side and back again, instead, a digital signal is sent via a cheap 2 core smaller cable.  The other end of the 2 way actually has no 230v on it.

4. Can Livolo Touch switch just replace my current switches, without any changes?

A: In most cases, yes. If you have a metal flush box, it's not possible. This is because the terminals for the touch switch would be too close to the metal box. Livolo Touch Switches are the same physical size as normal switches, so will fit most flush boxes / wall plates.

5. Is there matching powerpoints?

A: Currently, no.

6. Can black and white face plates be inter-changed?

A: yes

7. Is there a switch with some 2 way and some normal?

A: No. If for example you need a 2 gang switch, one is 2 way, and at the other end you only need a single gang, you should order 1pc 2 gang 2 way, and 1pc 1 gang 2 way. Synchronise the switches together by holding both at the same time for 5 seconds, until you hear a chime. 'Switch only' type do not have 2 way terminals, you must have 2pc of 2 way switch for it to work.

8. Is there a switch with some dimmer and some not?

A: No. Switches are 'all or none'. You can have a 3 gang, all with dimmer, or a 3 gang with switch only.

9. My switch won't respond. What is wrong?

A: The switches will lock up if too many commands are given in a short period. Don't touch for a few minutes. If it still does not respond, turn the lighting circuit off for a few minutes, then back on, wait a few minutes for the switch to boot up, then it should work.

10. How do I use the dimmer?

A: Touch for 0.5-1 second, turn on/off. Touch for longer, enter dimmer adjust mode. Long touch will start at 100% and slowly fall to 5%. Remove finger to stop level falling. To raise lighting level, hold finger on again, it will rise to 100%.

11. Min load, what does this mean?

A: The switches require a certain minimum load to operate correctly. If the load is too small, the lights may flicker, strobe, randomly turn on/off or the switch may not respond. LED lights are a much smaller load than normal lights, because they are efficient.

12. Can the switches be used in bathrooms?

A: Since there is no mechanical or electrical path between the touch pad and the live wiring, it is much safer. Water cannot penetrate the glass face, making it impossible to get a shock from wet hands. There may still be some restrictions, ask your electrician. It's still an electronics product and lots of water could damage it.