There are a few ratings of downlights:

1. CA80 rating

2. CA135 rating

3. IC rating

4. IP44


CA (Closed and Abutted) means insulation can 'abutt' the fitting, ie virtually touch the sides. A lower number is better (ie CA80 is better than CA135).

IC fittings allow insulation to cover the fitting. While at first this sounds better, it is not good for LEDs. LEDs will run for years, *IF* the heat they produce can easily escape. If the heat is trapped, the life of the LEDs fall significantly. Therefore, LEDs should not be covered with insulation, and although we could have obtained the IC rating, we chose CA80 instead because we know the consequences of LEDs overheating.

When LEDs get too hot, 3 things happen:

1. Efficiency decreases

2. Lifetime decreases

3. Color shifts

IP44 fittings have a degree of waterproofing, allowing installation into bathrooms, laundries and outside under eaves. In reality however, the REAL reason these are specified for these areas is because the fittings have no gaps, and steam cannot exit the room into the ceiling space. IP44 fittings will also have a CA or IC rating.

If you are building new or renovating, you must install downlights that meet the new standards.