Help - bullet strip

This is a tutorial designed to answer the thousands of questions we get about LED bullet strip. 

Generic 'LED strip': A string of 'bullet' LEDs connected via 2 thin strips of copper, encased in clear PVC. 100% waterproof.

Suitable for general use, fish tanks, car lights, boats, steps, decks etc. The most common strip sold.

Waterproof and fully submersible. Suitable for cold water fish tanks, ponds, water features etc. Not suitable for tropical tanks as it overheats & shortens LED life.

Width 8mm, height 13mm

Lengths: 24cm, 48cm, 96cm, 120cm. 5m rolls also available. The strips are somewhat flexible in both axis.

Strips can be cut shorter but LEDs work in sets of 3.

Power use / Current draw: LED strip uses approx 3.25w per meter. Current per meter is approx 270mA. For a 24cm, current is 65mA and power is 0.78w.

Rule of thumb is that 1w of LED power is equal to 5w of incandescent power. ie, 5x the light output for the same power, or 1/5th the power for the same amount of light.

Viewing angle: 120 degrees

Output Lumen: 150 lumen per Meter (real bright) If you need even brighter, see our 5050 type LED strips.

Lifespan: 50,000 hrs

Voltage: always 12v DC supply. Usual source of power is a 12v battery. Either connect directly to a car battery or using the cars wiring.

A 12v transformer can also be used for domestic installations.

24v use: those wanting to use in a 24v system will require a resistor of suitable size to limit the current, otherwise the LEDs will be damaged.

Fixing: generally attached using glue or double sided tape.

Colors (in order of popularity): white - red - blue - amber - green - yellow - orange - pink - purple. less popular colors are more expensive and harder to source.

 The wire attached is fairly short and very small. It can be lengthened by soldering & heat-shrinking. There is no plug attached but we do sell them separate for $4


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