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Rigid strip is LED strip encased in an aluminium channel and covered with resin or silicon. The aluminium protects the LEDs from mechanical damage, and also radiates heat so the LEDs run cooler. The silicon or resin protects the LEDs from water and dust.

There are 3 types of chip:

1. Normal brightness (NB) - the standard 5050 chip commonly used in other flexible strips.
2. High brightness (HB) - the new, improved 5050 chip
3. Ultra bright (UT) - the latest high power chip


- 250mm
- 500mm
- 1000mm


- White
- Warm white
- Blue
- Red
- Green


There is a huge variation in brightness between the strips. The least bright is 255 Lumen, while the brightest is 3600. Some of the 500mm strips also have less or more LEDs than others, affecting brightness. In 500mm length, we have 15, 30, and 36 LED versions. If you are chasing best "Lux for bucks" ie maximum light per dollar spent, then the UT chip is what you need.


18 x HB = 450Lm
18 x UT = 900Lm


15 x NB = 255Lm
30 x NB = 510Lm
36 x HB = 900Lm
36 x UT = 1800Lm


72 x HB = 1800Lm
72 x UT = 3600Lm

Since most people dont know what a Lumen is, we rank brightness by equivalent light output, since that is easier for people to visualise.

Why are they so popular?

- They are durable - some would say indestructable!
- Corrosion resistant
- Long life
- Easy installation
- Compact
- Vandal resistant

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