Light fittings

Landscape Uplighting - Green

CODE: 10w flood Green

$69.00   $34.50
New Year SALE - stock limited!
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In wall Recessed light

CODE: Warm White

$49.00   $36.75
In wall light  Light is projected down to the floor   This light is used in hallways, stairwells, entrances to give a low level... More
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BLUE Deck Light - SH
Applications: - Decks, entrance, retaining walls, stairs, hallways, bathrooms, media rooms, Boat, Motor-Home, garden, night light.  This deck... More
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New style - Slimline Flood Light 50w Green 230v

CODE: 50w flood

$259.00   $155.40
End of Lease SALE - stock limited!
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12v Flood Light 30w Warm White

CODE: 30w flood 12v

$149.00   $89.40
Clearance SALE - stock limited!

Cleo Wall light

CODE: Cool White

$55.00   $44.00
A smart and contemporary recessed wall light designed for subtle low level floor/ path lighting. For use internally or externally Mini rectangle... More
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